Are Law Enforcement Cameras an Invasion for Privacy


Recent studies show that cameras play a pivotal role in catching crimes, vandalism, thefts, and different related incidents and accidents. Although people used the cameras just to catch thefts, recently, cameras are used for several different purposes such as catching people who speed on the streets, hooking criminals, and also safeguarding properties. In short, it is used for the safety of the whole nation. However, things have changed and cameras are used for spying and many immoral and unethical ways. Hence, the most significant question is: Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of our privacy, or are they used in the most beneficial ways?

Obviously, in this technological era, law enforcement cameras should be very essential. One of the benefits would be footage from those cameras can be used in courts as evidence. This means that the use of cameras in court is a piece of strong evidence to prove that a person is guilty or not. For instance, if an accident occurs in a street and the perpetrator dismisses from the scenes and rushes away, convincing to court about him would be very difficult. This is because the very basic principle of the legal system is, any accused person is innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, cameras help law enforcement in establishing appropriate laws in a place.

To illustrate more on law enforcement cameras one of the risings could be body cams given to police officers. As police officers are the people who enforce the law and live from the field, they would be meeting criminals, accidents, or any incidents at the very first. The body cams would help the law enforcement commission as proof of how they handled the situation. One of the shout out from mostly in America we always hear that police brutality against the black race. Now the police have their body cam installed and we see how they handle the situation and if practiced unlawfully the cameras will help as evidence.

In spite of everything said, there are also drawbacks the governments face when using law enforcement cameras. Suppose when we look at the camera systems in China, it could be considered as the worse. Although some find it beneficial, in this era of rights and privacy many consider it as immoral and unethical. In camera systems installed in China, they are able to scan its citizens and at the same time, it gives all the detail about the individual at instance. Many rights groups consider that private data can mislead by spying on individuals for no reason. (Diamond and Mitchell, 2018).

In this light information, we can consider that cameras can be used as immensely beneficial gadgets for law enforcement purposes. It can be used as a good weapon against criminals as well as catching them before they acts. It could also be used as proof while law enforcement deals with them in acts of crime too. However, if law enforcement cameras are used as a weapon to spy on its citizens many would consider it as a hazard.




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