Turf league of Hulhumeedhoo

Awarding ceremony of first league ever held in Hulhumeedhoo(9th November 2019)

First ever league held in Adducity Hulhumeedhoo was the Turf League. Turf league was introduced by the initiation of Hulhumeedhoo police with the help of players from both islands. The outcome was it has successfully completed a league on last October and awarded the best players.

At the very beginning, police staffs wanted to make a playground inside the compound of the police station. So they cleared the ground right next to police station building with the help of road cooperation by leveling the ground. After that they started playing on a white sandy ground with full of rocks and later on they have invited the players from both islands to join them to make a good bond within the community. 

Days passed the players just used to clear the rocks, corals and so on before playing each days match by their own. Sometimes few days pass without even playing due to few players. However somehow they have managed to get the turf carpet and improved the ground better. Later on with the help of players and police staffs initiation the ground's outline and whole ground was well painted and made the best football playing ground in Hulhumeedhoo.

Current President of Turf league Management Ahmed Lirar

The ground became more competitive when the turf league was introduced to the players. After selection of members who would run the program well the league was introduced to the players with few rules and regulations. The players who earns the highest amount of points wins the league. Moreover there are few other positions like best player, youngest player, best goalkeepers and so on.

The ground is open for all. Anyone who wants to play either senior or how young you are or either you are foreigner or local does not matters. Excluding the night 8:30 to 10:45 the ground is open for all. Even today we will see the young school kids aged between 7 to 15 comes to play in the ground at daily basis.


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